All About Apollo

As you know, Apollo is our very own robot . Apollo is unique, just like us. We never seem to have any trouble programming or building him any new parts. Apollo is not just special in the fact that he is different from the other robots, he is also special physically. He fits in the inspection box but is somehow smaller compared to the other robots. His attachments are also smaller than the other robots’ attachments. We believe this to be a good thing because that means that he is less heavy, therefore more speed and less bulk. Our special Apollo has a camera to detect the signal sleeve and moves, this is for the autonomous. The autonomous consists of putting the robot facing the wall so that the camera in the back can detect the sleeve. Depending on what the robot reads on the sleeve it will place the cone in the medium junction. It will then park in its designated area. We also changed the string on the viper slider for a belt slider so that it could slide easier and be sturdier.