Meet the Team 

Mr. Orozco

Mr. Orozco is our coach. He teaches PLTW Engineering here at our school campus and is in charge of the FTC Team for high school. He has taught robotics since 2015 and has been coaching FTC since 2020, just when COVID started, what a challenge! Mr. Orozco’s favorite color is blue and loves coffee, on his free time he likes to watch and play soccer with his family. 


Tomas is a freshman at Harmony, he is a very respectful and beyond grateful scholar. He is one of our drivers and builder. This is his 1st year with us as a former member of our FTC team. Tomas’s favorite color is purple and he loves to play basketball during his free time. Tomas is currently in the Engineering Pathway and would like to pursue a major in engineering to become a civil engineer. If not, he would love to be a professional basketball player. Tomas would either like to attend Rice, Stanford, or Duke University!!


Jerry is a current freshman at our campus. He is our leading programmer and one of our drivers. This is his 3rd year in FTC. Jerry is described as a very cooperative and imaginative scholar. A fun fact about him is that he knows how to play the guitar. His favorite hobby is playing video games during his spare time and his favorite color is red. Jerry is currently in the Engineering Pathway and would like to become a civil, mechanical, or electrical engineer. He plans to attend Baylor University. 


Karime is currently a freshman at our campus. This is her second year as a member of FTC. Karime is a human player, part of our engineering notebook, and a helper. She is described as a very enthusiastic and motivated person. Her favorite color is red and during her free time, she likes to listen to music and read a book. A fun fact about Karime is that she does poetry since 6th grade. She is in the Biomedical Pathway and would like to become a forensic pathologist or a geneticist. Karime would like to attend Harvard or Yale University to pursue her career. 


This is Shelsea’s first year in FTC. She is a current 9th grader and loves the color sage green. Shelsea is described as a very joyful and calming person. She has been in modeling classes for about 9 years, she loves to watch Gilmore Girls in her unoccupied time. She wants to study anesthesiology at Yale University or dermatology at New York University. She is in the Biomedical Pathway. She is an amazing helper here on our team and helps with the engineering notebook as well.


Isaias is another of our freshmam in the team. This is his 3rd year in FTC and is a designer, builder, and part of the engineering notebook. Isaias is a very creative and interesting person. He loves to play video games and write during his free time. He adores the color red and a fun fact about him is that he is currently learning Japanese. His future career is to be a microbiologist, now that he is in the Biomedical Pathway. His dream university is Harvard.


Brandon is our main builder and driver. He is a freshman and it is his first year in FTC. Brandon is a very patient and attentive person. During his free time, he likes to hit the gym and loves the color navy blue.  A fun fact about Brandon is that he loves hanging out with friends and having a nice time. Brandon is in the Biomedical Pathway but is still not decided on what exact career he is going to pursue. His dream universities are quite a few! Harvard, Louisiana State, or Alabama University.


Manuel is our last freshman on the team. This is his first year in FTC and is part of our designing team and helping team. Manuel is a very interactive and energetic person. His favorite color is red like most of the team and loves to play soccer during his own time. A fun fact is that he workouts every day for two hours. When he is older he would like to be a surgeon or if not, he would love to become a professional soccer player. He plans to attend Universidad de Pachuca and he is currently in the Biomedical Field.


This is Jorge’s first year in FTC. He is currently a sophomore, and his role is being a builder and a driver. Jorge is a very helpful person and every task that is assigned to him is completed perfectly. His favorite color is purple and his dream is to become a very successful NBA player. He divides his free time between robotics and basketball because besides being an outstanding builder and driver, he is also an excellent basketball player. In fact, he is so good at it that he even is number 32 in the varsity basketball team from our school. He plans to attend UT Austin and he is currently in the Aerospace Engineering field.