The Mighty Hawks is an FTC team that was established in 2021 at Harmony School of Excellence. This team is composed of five sophomores, a junior, and a senior. We meet every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for about 3 hours. We are the 3rd generation of FTC at our school

our goal

The Mighty Hawks will work towards achieving several goals for this season, but the most agreed-upon goal is to be the best robotics team we can be and try to build an amazing bond within the team throughout the practices. When we mean “be the best robotics team we can be'' we don’t just mean to win as many awards (like the inspire award, the robot design award, etc.) as we can, we also mean to follow our core values and show Gracious Professionalism not only in competition but throughout our lives. We could (somehowa) win all the trophies at the competition, but if we don’t show Gracious Professionalism or show maturity, then we didn’t win. Our goal will be achieved by doing the following:

The Mighty Hawks will work towards achieving several goals for this season, but the most agreed-upon goal is to lead a successful!!

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2022-2023 PowerPlay FTC 

November 19, 2022

Laredo Civic Center

December 17, 2022

Harmony School of Excellence - Laredo

January 28, 2023

Harmony School of Excellence - Laredo


League Meet 1

November 19, 2023

Alexander High School

League Meet 2 and 3

January 13, 2024

Harmony School of Excellence- Laredo

South Texas Area Championship

February 3, 2024

Mission Event Center


This season the Mighty Hawks decided to help out our younger FLL sister teams Tech Talons & Girls Do STEM, they are First Lego League teams of middle schoolers pursuing STEM careers. We helped them for about two months, sharing our prior knowledge of FLL.

The Mighty Hawks fundraised Christmas packs containing one Lego Christmas tree and one plushie to raise money for team shirts, hospitality, and competitions. We raised about $600.

We traveled to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to surprise orphaned children with presents and donuts. 

In 2023, we went to the Texas A&M International University, TAMIU, to learn about petroleum engineering and more!

We went to our sister school, Harmony School of Innovation, to teach 5th graders the importance of FTC & FLL and how it works. In addition, we helped them improve their designing skills by helping them build towers made up of paper, tape, and popsicle sticks.

The 2023 year, we decided we wanted to bless families for Thanksgiving. We traveled all the way to El Cenizo, and donated food for the holiday. Families were really happy and we were satisfied with the outcome. 

Mighty Hawks surprised the basketball boys‘ by helping them decorate the gym and locker room for parents night. We motivated them by using STEM anecdotes. This gave us points because we made them laugh. 

On January 3, 2024, the Mighty Hawks joined an FRC zoom conference. This helped us improve our programming abilities, strategic designs, autonomous, and many other things.

On January 9th , the Mighty Hawks took cupcakes to the Laredo Police Department and Sheriff's Office on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to thank police officers for their service.

On February 24, the Mighty Hawks went to Laredo College to recruit new students to Harmony robotics. This allowed us to persuade the minds of the future to join robotics.